Australian Wall Art


Imagebank Australia has been producing Australian wall art for over 20 years.

A few tips to remember.

What is Colour Matching

Colour matching can be vital for your wall art prints.

For example, Jelly beans need to be the same colour as the real jelly bean in wall art prints.

We strongly urge you to request a test print copy sample before approving your print run.

What does RGB mean when making Australian wall art prints?


RGB is the colour system for computer monitors, screens and video.

Red, green, and blue are combined in numerous proportions to obtain any colour in the visible spectrum.

What does CMYK, PMS: Color Systems mean.

CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black refers to full-colour printing. Printers use this system in Australia & internationally.

A little confusion is with the inks abbreviated blue and black, blue is called cyan and abbreviated C, and black abbreviated as K.

PMS = Pantone Matching System.

Pantone Matching System is a proprietary numbering system for colours used in graphic design.

It is essential to understand that PMS and CMYK are for printed pieces, while RGB is for screens.

Trust Image Bank Australia to get your colours correct for your Australian wall art.

Look out for issues that arise as the colour represented in the artwork proof on the screen (RGB) will differ from what you look at on your screen.

Colours vary if your computer is not colour appropriately calibrated.

PMS = Pantone Matching System.

CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, also called 4-colour or process.

RGB = Red, Green, Blue.

If colour matching is a requirement for your Australian wall art prints, then let us know.

We would require either a copy of your image to compare. Alternatively, we would provide a test print.

Please specify before you give us a final order of print-ready files.

Call Imagebank Australia directly on 1300875623 or check our website for our print paper matched Colour Profiles and installed guidelines for the perfect no-fuss print runs.

Australian wall art has never been more effortless or professionally printed.

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