Small acrylic glass prints and modern collections


Acrylic glass prints or artworks have a considerable impact if displayed carefully.

Small acrylic glass prints also work well layered in a shelf or mantelpiece vignette.

Find a little niche spot like a hallway section or alcove. Create a collection and hang on mass for a striking look.

Hang under stairways and even bathroom walls.

Kitchen nooks, corners & tight wall space in your home are perfect for a small artworks & photographs.

Do I need to frame small acrylic prints?

When you print your photos or art with an acrylic finish, one of the best things is that there is no need to frame.

If you are looking for simple, clean lines and colours, frameless small acrylic glass prints collections are for you.

Hanging rails on acrylic glass prints are hidden, appearing to be floating on the wall.

Keep the framing light and simple, so it doesn’t overwhelm the small print artworks.

Enjoy that crystal-clear look of an acrylic print framed.

What kind of pictures can I use for my small acrylic print collection?

Make your mix of people and places.

Holiday photos and kids art are a great look either as single prints or in collections.

Smartphone achieves a good result for your small photos or art collection.

Petite floral artworks or photos of a botanicals series are a great look in a bedroom in clusters.

Use your pet to model in a photo collection for your office or hallway.

Perhaps your family and friends having fun in the sun.

Small reproduction art prints, drawings or paintings on acrylic glass prints are stunning and easy to create.

All you need is a digital image, and Imagebank Australia will help with the rest.

How do I order my small collection of prints?

Order your acrylic prints in three easy steps online.

  1. Select your photos or digital artwork to print.
  2. Check out our 8 x 10-inch small print half-price special.
  3. Upload your image.
  4. Wait for your acrylic glass prints, delivered to your door free of charge.

Do you need assistance to size your image or cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing?

Call 1300875623 to speak to one of our friendly team.

Start creating today with our Acrylic wall mount 10 x 8 Inch for only $44.95 including delivery. 

If you’re considering an Australiana collection, be sure to check out or friends at Perrin Clarke Photography. We’re sure you’ll find something there.

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