Using stock images to decorate


Using stock images to decorate your home.

It’s the individual tastes that make a house a home, and nothing does that job quite as well as photos. If you have an extensive collection of family pictures, travel snaps, wildlife images, still, photography, art prints or others that you love – show them off proudly.

But how do I incorporate stock images?

That leads us to question – what are the different ways to decorate walls with images?

Here are some fantastic ideas.

1. Make the most of a coloured feature wall by using stock images

You could decorate with photos in a crisp and neat arrangement. Contrasting hues in a room is quite striking, and an accent wall painted dark grey, or light pink offers itself as a canvas for displaying pictures or art. Try telling a story of a Trip to France, even when you didn’t quite get the perfect Eiffel Tower photo. Use a stock image instead.

2. Display along the passageway

Hallways and entrances lend themselves well to being decorated with art. Long stretches of walls are like galleries – use the length to decorate the walls with stock photo’s, family photos, decoration stickers, posters, and using stock image art.

Or along the staircase

Printed on acrylic will make images “pop” by them looking clear and sharp.

3. Create a room full of pictures and photo’s

Carefully consider decorating all room walls with photos. It’ll feel like a museum – if you have an extensive collection of images. A lounge area or TV room would be ideal for this sort of decor.

Photo’s or stock images that capture a beautiful emotion frame a mood very well. They could be up-sized and displayed as wall decorations.

Ideal spaces for hanging such art are living rooms, passageways or staircase landings.

Places to find stock images to decorate your space.

With your imagination running wild, start creating concepts by using stock images to mix with your artwork.

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