Acrylic glass photo prints and a guide to display


Acrylic glass photo prints and displaying wall art has been the single most advanced print medium since we went digital.

Do you find it challenging to find the right artwork for your walls? Today’s modern times match our modern interiors.

If you’re looking for clean lines and simplicity at home, including what is on your walls, traditional wall art may feel out of place.

Are you looking for an advanced print medium for the digital era?

We specialise in acrylic glass photo prints, as well as traditional fine art printing.

Over the decades, we have made a lot of hanging artwork. Our friendly and trained team are ready to assist our clients in not only selecting artworks. We’ll help you make it fit the space scale-wise.

The secret is to choose the artwork to feel at home in the place you have in mind.

Scale and size will play a huge roll in getting this correct.

Acrylic glass photo prints don’t need frames and look to be floating on the walls.

Go for a style you love and can live with and acrylic glass photo prints.

Taste is a personal thing. If you are collecting artworks with your interior in mind, think about the style of the room.

We always say “start with the art”, but you will be adding the wall art to a furnished room in most cases.

Do you like a contemporary look? Acrylic glass photo prints will look at home with style.

Vintage or Bold, Country timber or oceanic, it doesn’t matter which artwork. It will complement the room. See our friends at Perrin Clarke Photography for inspiration.

The print finish can be framed or unframed. Acrylic glass photo prints fit with most furnishings and any style you love best.

Print mediums like canvas are a fantastic look for traditional painting reproduction prints. 

Satin in its finish, the canvas can reproduce paintings ideally to look like the real deal. It’s a look that suits vintage from subtle and soft to bold abstracts. Our fine art canvas prints are heat laminate sealed to lock in inks and protect your artwork.

Acrylic glass photo prints are a stunning and impacting finish for collections of photo prints. These can be personal family and friends or artistic landscapes and seascapes.

You will have dozens on the smartphone that are printable in groups. Kids rooms are easy – primary colours and fun, playful subjects like their pet or a day out at the fun park. Try collecting food shots in the kitchen; acrylic glass photo prints hold up well in kitchens. Just wipe off the spaghetti sauce splatters.

Do you need assistance to size your image or cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing?

Call 1300875623 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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