kid’s wall art will transform your child’s drawings


kid’s wall art: Do you love your children’s, nephews, niece or grandchildren’s artworks?

Imagine a collection of your child’s artworks made into acrylic kid’s wall art prints.

Create a hallway gallery. Decorate their rooms with their art. Create gifts for family and friends from your children’s creations.

It’s easy enough – all you need is a digital copy of that excellent finger painting from mothers day.

Kid’s family portrait paintings are keepers forever. That masterpiece created while on holiday will hold special memories for a lifetime.

How do I print my kid’s art?

Copy your child’s artworks as high resolution as possible and upload.

Select a print finish for your kid’s wall art, acrylic, block, stretched canvas or a fine art print.

What files do we accept – to make art prints

We can print all your common files like .jpg .tff .psd .pdf.

Use the direct button if you need assistance sizing or have technical questions about sizing.

Send your artwork file directly with your questions and size requirements.

Will acrylic prints suit for my kid’s wall art?

Children’s acrylic wall art prints are bright and fun for boys and girls.

Colours pop and will suit all the colours of the rainbow.

There is no need for frames, not to mention, acrylic wall art is easy to hang and comes with a hidden hang rail.

The Acrylic kids wall art finish is Custom made, no to mention, acrylic blocks make great gifts.

While children are in these early years full of curiosity and wonder, why not celebrate this time by printing your child’s very own wall art.

How to encourage kids to print their art 

At imagebank Australia, we believe a young child’s bedroom should be a place where they feel safe and confident.

Surrounded by art that is full of personality, fun and created by themselves will only benefit your child’s confidence, creativity and learning!

  • Provide a big sketchbook, and great colours to encourage your child to draw one picture a day using various mediums.
  • Do art alongside your child.
  • Read art books and picture books or other resources that give the history of famous artists.
  • Encourage your children to tell stories with pictures rather than words.

Select your favourite artwork which tickles your heart and makes your little ones giggle, copy to digital format and upload.

Ask a professional to do this or do it yourself. We require a high-resolution digital image for prints over 1 meter on the longest edge.

Need assistance to size your image or to cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing?

Call 1300 UPLOAD to speak to one of our friendly team.

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