Target wall art why ours is better

target wall art why ours is better

Target wall art, why is ours better for the millennials?

Should I buy one good piece ofwall art that is quality or spend the same budget on several inexpensive target wall art prints?

The journey through adulthood is expensive with inconveniences; one must perform to be considered a functional, responsible grown-up.

Get your car serviced, buy furniture, way down the line comes art collecting.

There is something about displaying good wall art (instead of using thumbtacks or blue tack) that makes it seem more stylish and, therefore, more adult.

Then there is the mass-produced wall art.

Target wall art; is budget and pretty good but why ours is better is endless to explain.

Target wall art, why ours is better: Quality over quantity to start.

The quality of wall art is the next adult dilemma to consider millennials.

Historically, wall art has been an architectural feature, meant to preserve work and integrate it into a room

Centuries ago in Europe, wall art was mainly commissioned by churches or wealthy families.

It was not until the camera invention and photography in the 19th century when the demand for wall art by the middle-class proliferated.

Ordinary people had something to hang on their walls.

Today, and you can buy an entire collection of wall art at a target that is not a bad quality, but we can still list off why ours is better.

Young renting adults are collecting wall art, with more budget, because they take it with them.

For those who are not art aficionados, the price of framing and print buying art is confusing.

Why does a frame at Target cost about $15, but a custom frame costs upwards of $90.

Why is a print at Target framed only 100 buck or so?

However, the perception that custom framing is too pricey is also a symptom of a different reality:

If you care about quality and intend to build your wall art collection to keep for a lifetime, we’re here for you.

Millennial consumers long past their poster-hanging days have less money than previous generations.

Many are savvy enough to see the difference in mass-produced wall art and custom made prints.

Young adults can decorate their homes and apartments with their custom-designed wall art.

Take control of their style, do it all yourself, stay away from the mass-produced and keep your collection for a lifetime.

It’s better on the environment in the long run.

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