Outdoor wall art and acrylic prints

outdoor wall art

Can I hang acrylic prints as outdoor wall art?

The reality is, more the ever, Australians are living in rental properties, one in four according to a recent statistic.

While tenancy agreements limit some creative home decorating ideas, there is still plenty you can do to make your home just for you.

Undercover balconies and verhanders are a great place to create an extra room.

Dress up your extra space and create a large extra room with minimal effort.

If you’re hesitant to hang your art so that you can move it in and out, because of its weight, you can always lean it against a wall.

Acrylic prints are an excellent wall art finish that will preserve your artwork against moisture dust and mould.

Are Acrylic wall prints 100% Waterproof?

The acrylic material is made through a chemical process that resembles clear water plastic and as such, has a few similar properties as plastic.

It is important to note that acrylic prints are not all created equal; prepared through either direct printing on the material or through face mounting.

Ultimately the process that involves first printing the image on photo paper and then mounting it on to the acrylic is the best for clarity and quality.

Both ways are mounted on the composite, thus protecting the print itself.

Acrylic outdoor wall art prints are 100 %waterproof when printed directly onto the material.

Avoid direct water damage; the undercover balcony area is perfect. Direct light all day will eventually fade as anything does.

How do I look after my wall art

The waterproof nature of acrylic prints makes outdoor wall art extremely durable.

However, this is not to mean that you should submerge the print in water as the excessive water could still damage it.

To maintain your acrylic prints and ensure they retain their wow factor, you only need to dust the print off with either a soft cotton cloth or microfiber fabric dipped in water as regularly as you possibly can.

Alternatively, you can use a blower such as the one used when cleaning your computer keyboard and dusting it to get rid of the dirt.

Additionally, it helps if you can avoid using harsh cleansers, solvents or chemicals as they strip down the prints and cause damage over time.

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