Acrylic photo collage


Creating a personal collection or collage of wall art is not as difficult as it sounds with our gloss acrylic prints. Personalising your room with your family photographs or digital artwork is easy with Imagebank Australia or if you have access to stock photographic images and carefully selected prints.

Create a collage wall of your favourite photos or art. You turn an otherwise un-personalised room into a stunning personal collection.

Glass acrylic prints will unify your style, and the print medium will impress with its clarity and clean lines.

The frameless and incredible sharpness that glass acrylic prints achieve will give your gallery collection a contemporary look.

 Acrylic photo collage

We love to make rooms beautiful with multiple artwork panels, sometimes called quadriptych, four panels that make the one artwork, a triptych consisting of three panels and diptych, two panels.

Quadriptych collage

Ask us how to upload any photo to make multiple panels.

Do you have an idea that is swirling around in your head?
Want to try it out before purchasing?

Try the photo collage maker at Fotor; it’s great fun to experiment with.

Firstly, It gives you a chance to customise your collage styles. You’re free to adjust the border width and corner rounding, change the background, and colour the background.

Secondly, you can import images and add the text to your photo collage.

Most importantly, you still can resize your photo collage into different sizes and post it on various platforms or upload it to us.

You can download Adobe Lightroom for free to play with and experiment with your collage designs.

At Imagebank Australia, we have a full selection of fine art print mediums. Canvas, Fine Art Prints and Acrylic glass Prints and Acrylic Blocks.

Fill your collage wall with your family photos and favourite photos, or look at our friends at Perrin Clarke Photography for inspiration or Port Douglas Local Artists.

Call us today at 1300 UPLOAD for more information or any enquiries.

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