Acrylic printing Australia

Acrylic printing in Australia is called several names, such as an acrylic face or photo mount

Plexiglas (plexiglass), lucite or perspex are brand names of acrylic sheets.

There are two distinct processes of acrylic printing – 

  1. Direct printing on to the material 
  2. Printing onto paper and then face-mounted onto acrylic. Face mounting is more complicated and more expensive but well worth it. 

Take a look at a 6mm acrylic in Australia on the face mount showing the acrylic face and composite panel backing with the print sandwiched in between.

Acrylic printing Australia
Acrylic printing Australia with Plexiglas and composite backing with hanging rail


Acrylic printing in Australia

We fully believe in the face mounting method, which provides more fabulous colour pop and vibrancy and colour permanence (i.e. far less prone to fading over time). Photo colours always look best printed on professional-grade photo paper. 

Acrylic printing in Australia face-mount takes advantage of the refractive quality of acrylic, which helps to illuminate your print in the proper lighting. No other display medium can match an acrylic print face mount in terms of vibrancy. Printing on acrylic continues to grow in popularity among professional photographers, graphic artists and interior decorators.

While pictures online don’t do them justice, here’s a shot of one of our acrylic prints using high-gloss photo paper, which adds even more colour pop and vibrancy behind acrylic. This image is of our thick 6mm acrylic. You can see the incredible energy the acrylic offers, particularly in the right light.

Photo Courtesy of Perrin Clarke Photography

Professional or amateur photographers looking to stand out from the crowd are loving the acrylic print presentation. Walk into any art gallery and see traditional frame after traditional photo with a few canvases mixed in, then an eye-catching acrylic print photo mount stands out.

Suppose you have the budget for acrylic printing in Australia. In that case, it’s worth the extra price, so you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re a photographer trying to sell your work. 

With so much competition today, it’s imperative to stand out from the crowd. Unique display technologies such as acrylic printing provide that specific wow factor.

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