Acrylic wall print – positioning your art tips


Where to position acrylic wall prints in my home?

Acrylic wall prints should not cross more than two-thirds of your couches length.

Acrylic prints above the fireplace should go past the fireplace range but not past the mantel’s length.

For dining rooms, acrylic art shouldn’t be more than two-thirds of the table’s length. To even the balance of your dining room, two photos might work better.

How to hang your acrylic wall print?

Now you’ve found the perfect piece to put on your wall; it’s all about fixing it at the right height to complement your space.

Whether you have just one piece or several, there are basic instructions for hanging acrylic wall prints.

  • Measure the difference between where the wall fixing would sit and the top of the art; this would be where the aluminium rail is fixed on the back.
  • The wall fixing sits on the aluminium rail.
  • Hang the art so that it is between 144cm to 152cm off the ground—the average person’s eye level.
  • Mark a spot on the wall and hammer in a small nail. With large acrylic wall art, a second fixing is required to support the weight of the art.
  • Hang the wall art and use a level to make sure it is even. Gently nudge the acrylic wall art up and down until your level indicates it is straight.

What are the different options for hanging your wall print?

If you do not want to make holes in the wall, there are many acrylic wall print installation options.

Try one of these alternatives used by professional interior designers:

Apply 3M Command strips to the wall for hanging photos. Many different choices based on the weight of the acrylic wall print. Three pieces could work for large wall art, and you only need one strip for small samples.

You could use some Velcro onto your lighter wall print and hang them on the wall. Velcro does pull away from the paint, sometimes.

Buy an easel and rest your artwork on it. It’s easy to rotate your most recent acrylic wall art.

Should your wall art be personal in your home?

The right acrylic wall print says a lot about your space and you. Whether you hang with a hammer and nails, command strips or velcro, a well-balanced acrylic wall hanging makes your house a home. You don’t need an expert to hang and balance your space with wall art.

Should your wall art be personal at work?

Yes, and no, work is a public space. You will need to consider what your businesses branding and policies are on personal art.

Sometimes employees decorate with family photos that can endear the client.

Whatever your company policy. Keep it natural and print quality prints. Stay away from the extreme.

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