Artists: Offer Acrylic Prints for Sale of Your Work

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Artists reproductions: Acrylic prints for sale!

One of the best things about being a professional photographer or digital artist is that you can create multiple copies or prints of your work. Traditional ‘paint and paintbrush’ artists don’t have this advantage.

As a result, among artists who sell their work digital artists certainly have an economic advantage.

Digital designers or photographers, meanwhile, often have to print their works before they can offer them for sale.

Artists can offer acrylic prints for sale, canvas or acrylic block. Professional photographer Perrin Clarke offers acrylic prints for sale at


Digital artistS or photographer looking for an ideal printing service, look no further than Imagebank Australia.

Print on acrylic, as well as, canvas, for the purpose of, translating your work into gallery standard art.

All of our pieces are fully colour managed and use the highest quality inks and materials.

The results are fine, professional-grade prints that are true to the colour, detail and fidelity of your digital originals.

In other words, nothing will be lost in translation from computer screen to the canvas or acrylic of an Imagebank Print.


Why is stocking up on acrylic or canvas prints of your work a smart investment?

There are five major reasons why you should consider printing.

  1. Studio Display: When clients come into your studio, they expect to see your work on the walls. Your studio is your chance to create a stunning display of your art. Having your best art or photos on the wall will give clients confidence in your abilities.
  2.  Turn a great profit: At Imagebank Australia, our services for printing on acrylic or canvas are extremely cost-effective.
  3. Stock up on prints: Offer acrylic prints for sale to clients, or strive to place them in galleries and art stores around town for extra publicity.
  4. Satisfied customers: This point is particularly true for photographers. It’s not uncommon for photography clients to get all of their photos in digital format, with no physical pictures to speak of. This trend is even true for weddings! By making sure your clients get at least one beautiful physical photo print—whether on acrylic or canvas—you can ensure greater customer satisfaction.
  5. Terrific publicity: Picture this scenario: you take photos for a couple’s wedding and as part of their photographer package, you deliver one or two pictures on acrylic. The couple hangs these beautiful pieces in their home, where all of their guests get to admire your work. These guests, in turn, ask who took the pictures and come to you for their weddings, Christmas photos or other photography needs. Essentially, your prints acted as publicity for your services.

Are you interested in learning more about our services and prints at Imagebank Australia? Call us on 1800 875 623 today!

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