Imagebank Australia Provides Both Acrylic Photo Printing and Canvas Printing Online: Which Is Right for Your Work?


Acrylic Photo Printing Online

You’re looking through the photos on your computer one day when you start thinking about how great it might be to display a few of them throughout your home. You miss the days of physical photos and photographic prints, and you think a few of your more recent pictures would make for great wall art or desk decorations. You just have two questions. First, who can help you convert your digital photos into high-quality physical prints that are worthy of display? Second, which type of material is best for this kind of display print? Acrylic photo printing online has never been easier!

Imagebank Australia is your answer to the first question. We have been operating since 2010, with the goal of merging the photography, printing and picture framing industries into one hybrid service. With our 30 odd years of industry experience and knowledge—plus our commitment to high-quality products—you can count on us to preserve your memories in a beautiful fashion.

Choosing Canvas or Acrylic Photo Printing Online

As for the second question, the answer to that one will ultimately depend on your preferences and needs. At Imagebank Australia, we offer both canvas and acrylic photo prints. Frankly, both options are great for wall art, and whichever way you choose to go, we will make sure you get a gallery standard product. Still, it’s not a bad idea to weigh the advantages of each material when deciding which type of print you want to order.

Acrylic prints are the more ‘modern’ option. They are thin and sleek and can sit flush against the wall when hung. Canvas prints, meanwhile, are more ‘classic’ and are perhaps better suited to a home with a traditional or rustic architecture style. With that said, it’s certainly not against any ‘rules’ to mix classic architecture with modern art, or vice versa.

Price is also worth considering. At Imagebank, pricing for our acrylic photo printing online service in Australia ranges from $0.05 per square centimetre to $0.12 per square centimetre. Per square centimetre rates will be higher for smaller prints, while larger prints will get a discount. Our canvas prints, meanwhile, are slightly less expensive, ranging from $0.03 to $0.06 per square centimetre. Acrylic prints are slightly more expensive to produce but are also more durable and waterproof.

The other important factor to consider is size. For wall prints, you really can’t go wrong with either canvas or acrylic. However, if you want smaller photos to display on a desk or nightstand, acrylic photos are the way to go. At Imagebank Australia, we offer acrylic blocks (or ice mounts), smaller pieces where your picture is printed on a block of acrylic. The block essentially acts as its own frame, allowing the piece to stand up on its own. As such, these smaller pieces make great gifts and are ideal for the office or other spots where larger wall prints don’t make much sense.

Learn More about Our Acrylic Photo Printing Online Services at Imagebank Australia

We hope you will be interested in learning more about Imagebank Australia or trying out our services for your next picture print. Perhaps the best thing about our canvas and acrylic photo printing services in Australia is that you can set up the entire process online. Just visit our website, select your preferred printing service, upload your photos and choose your dimensions! Your piece will be ready to order in a matter of minutes.

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