Office wall art and business branding


Office wall art & what do we do at imagebank Australia for business and office branding.

At imagebank Australia, we specialise in acrylic, as well as, fine art printing and office wall art prints. Not only are we printers for photographers and digital artists, but we also specialise in office wall art printing for corporate, trade, retail and businesses.

Large format printing, as well as custom sizes and delivery, are all taken care of.

All we need is your branding, together with, your logo and digital file artwork.

We are printing specialists, with a focus on presenting your business with branding approach in a stunning acrylic print format.

Branding is essential for retail, corporate and trade customers. Visual branding and logos can SPREAD HAPPINESS and create awareness and recognition through your business.

To many people, branding is a new concept.

Branding encompasses many methods, likewise, presenting your business ethics to potential clients.

What is branding?

A brand consists of a combination of things like your name, your logo, your principal visual design direction. Your brand voice, your colours, and that’s just the start of it.

Usually, organisations use these combinations to stand out from everyone else.

Office wall art has the most impact on the customers and branding takes it another positive step visually.

Branding creates an impression on the person who comes in contact with it without having to read and ask questions.

Retail Branding and shop wall art

A retail environment is focused on the consumer.

Branding for retail is vital to ensure customers navigate the area effectively. Usually very transient, requiring multiple changes annually to reflect the market and evolution of products.

Workspace branding with office wall art

Workspace branding is more permanent by its very nature. Contact with this type of branding is usually employees. The organisation already knows about the vision of the brand and are also briefed about it. Let banding sink into the staff and your office space with acrylic wall art brand wall art.

Stunning acrylic print signage for office wall art and branding is what we do! See what we provided to Skyrail Experience FNQ as part of their branding strategy

Need assistance or quotations, we offer trade rates for large scale fine art printing, consultation and installation services.

Call 1300 UPLOAD to Cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing or speak to one of our friendly team.

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