Office art and business success

office art that inspires

Office art, coupled with, the curation of a workspace is an essential part of conducting real business.

Business environments can either hinder or help your business outcome and success. Bare walls are not that inspiring for success!

Desks, tables, chairs and computers are essential, of course, consider completing your office with artworks.

Send a message of your company values, as well as; if you think about it, visual art can make clients trust and feel at home.

Consider buying art as an investment for your business.

Imagine a stunning photography art collection from an emerging artist.

Photography is a great art form for public and business spaces.

Unlike other art forms, photography can be an overall less personal taste artform.

Office art that is pleasing for offices; landscape scenes, macro, still life photography that will project a positive company aesthetic and trust.

Not only is photography wall art usually less expensive than other art forms, but they can also be changed regularly.

Add Photography artworks as your business grows and changes.

If you find a quality, original piece from an emerging artist, the work’s value will remain or, even better, increase over time.

Not to mention, it’s tax-deductible along with adding value to your business.

We offer a few tips to keep in mind when buying office art.

Client consideration is upmost, consider your business and select artworks that appeal to your clientele.

  1. Create an emotional tone that relates to your business. Calming oceanic scenes in doctors waiting rooms. Fun wildlife photography if you’re a veterinary hospital.
  2. Unforgettable talked about photography artworks. Do you want your business to be impressive, select artworks that resonate and remain in your client’s minds? Careful selection will even get them talking about you.
  3. Consider your staff; Happy employees are the building block to successful businesses. Office art will inspire, and that increases productivity. Invite staff to have an opinion about choosing your office art. Make it fun and inclusive; see the increased loyalty to your business boom.
  4. Please focus on the positive and don’t overthink it. Buying office art, as a rule, means you are selecting for the general public. Consider photography artworks that will please many, not just you. There is a general rule that artworks for business should not be too controversial, but then that depends on your business. Focus on promoting positive emotions
  5. Go BIG; If you have a big space, buying a statement artwork will be very effective. Take advantage of the area you’re got and splurge on a one big, bold piece to create an impact in your office.

Need assistance or quotations, we offer trade rates for large scale fine art printing in office spaces.

Call 1300 UPLOAD to cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing or speak to one of our friendly team.

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