Glass Prints v’s Acrylic Prints

Glass Prints versus Acrylic Prints


The luminous quality on both glass and acrylic print will make your photos pop with colour and clarity. The acrylic appearance is similar in feel to prints on glass. Acrylic is lighter and more durable than the glass prints. Acrylic prints are the ultimate and most durable material to use for displaying photos in your bathroom and kitchen.

Create your own wall art and expect a high standard of print finishes and reproduction print options.

Digital printing has become accessible with exciting new print mediums available over the last ten years.  Industry professionals, digital artists, amateur photographers and smartphone photographers, have many unique choices for wall art & fine art print options. Secure online access with free shipping included Australia wide.


When considering glass prints versus acrylic prints, it pays to take into account the weight factors.

Glass is heavier and can break easily.

Acrylic prints versus Glass prints; glass will cost more to freight and can shatter or crack in transportation. Acrylic is much more durable in this regard. However, acrylic prints can scratch easier than glass. 

Once the wall art is wall mounted; scratching is unlikely.

In tropical or outdoor covered areas, the acrylic prints are completely sealed and protected from moisture and ultimately mould.

Get creative with flawless art that looks as if it belongs in a top gallery.

The acrylic prints are a vibrant, modern and cost-effective method of display. Not needing framing for a clean floating effect.

If framing is your preference, we have some tremendous framing ideas. Whether your professional or a smartphone photographer, Imagebank Australia is a one-stop online shop for all your Photography & digital art printing.

Need assistance to size your image or to cut through the technical side of photography printing?

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