Glass Prints v’s Acrylic Blocks

Clear acrylic block

It’s a question we often get, what the difference between Acrylic Prints, Glass Prints and an Acrylic Block?

There are significant differences, print techniques, notably thickness, mounting & weight.

All are stunning print mediums, and of course, produce outstanding results.


Acrylic Facemount, Photo Mount, Block, Ice Mount are all Acrylic Blocks, just different names.

The generic acrylic name is referred to as Plexiglass as well as Lucite and likewise Perspex which is just brand names of acrylic.

Firstly, there are two distinct processes of creating an acrylic block.

Printing directly onto the material vs printing onto photography paper and then face mounting to acrylic.

There are various thicknesses of acrylic available. The weightiness of these displays uniquely gives the impression of an art piece.


Face mounting is a more complicated process and comparatively more expensive.

The payoff is quality, worth it to achieve clarity and vibrancy.

This process is less prone to fading over time.

Great polishing qualities, in particular, give a three-dimensional appeal.

Photo colours always look best printed on professional-grade photo paper.

Acrylic face mounting your photographs takes on the refractive quality, creating and giving your print a luminous appeal.

While pictures of acrylic prints online don’t do them justice. It’s challenging to see the difference between glass and acrylic prints, without seeing the real thing.

Glass is heavy and challenging to transport without breaking in transportation.


Notably, the big difference is in the display. Designed for floating on the wall, frameless Glass prints, also known as Acrylic prints look amazing.

This modern and uncomplicated style of prints suits the minimal interior styles blocks achieve the same stylish impression.

Acrylic face mount prints are custom cut and come in any custom size ranging from small, freestanding acrylic blocks (30mm and 40 mm thick) to larger wall prints (4mm 6mm thick) that can be hung on the wall.

Imagebank Australia offers a half-price 8 x 10-inch acrylic wall mount so that you can sample the quality and service.

Upload your image today and see for your self the difference.

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