Attention Photographers: Learn How Acrylic Photo Mounting Can Help Your Bottom Line

Acrylic Photos & Picture Mounting

Acrylic Photos & Picture Mounting

In 2010, Imagebank Australia was founded with the goal of merging the art, photographic, print and picture framing industries into one comprehensive, online-based service. In this digitally dominated age, physical art and picture framing has become a less common decoration in homes and businesses alike.Acrylic Photos & Picture Mounting, Imagebank Australia.

When it’s possible to browse your entire photo library or call up your favourite art pieces on your computer screen, the need for physical art and photographs feels, perhaps, less pressing than it once did.

Imagebank Australia exists to remind people—both in the professional and personal spheres—of the many benefits that art and photographic prints can still have as decorations, gifts, mementos and more. For professional photographers, offering customers acrylic mounting or canvas mounting services can even go one step further.Please contact us if you have any questions.

What Acrylic Photos & Picture Mounting Does for Photography Professionals

Being a photographer in modern times means working both in the physical and digital realms. Some customers and clients still very much value physical photo albums, wall prints and other tangible products. Other customers are completely fine with being given a CD full of all of the photos from their photography session. Even most recently married couples don’t have any physical photos from their special day because so much of photography is about digital files nowadays.

As a photographer, though, you can gain a lot by including acrylic mounting photos with each and every photo package you offer. Indeed, many wedding photographers do follow this practice, refusing to let their clients leave without a physical photo print of some sort. Digital photos are accessible and convenient, but they can’t be displayed and don’t have the same sentimental weight as prints or tangible photo albums. Even giving your clients just a single acrylic picture mounting (of their favourite photo from the session, perhaps) can go a long way towards ensuring complete customer fulfillment and satisfaction. In short, it’s important to send your clients on their way with something tangible to show for their money.

The other huge benefit to offering acrylic mounting photos is that they act as free advertising and promotion for your photography business. Customers will proudly and prominently display their acrylic photos & picture mounting on the walls of their homes, which means that their friends and family will be much more likely to see your photos.

An example of Acrylic Picture Mounting at Perrin Clarke Photography


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