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Mounted Photo and the digital revolution

Mounted Photo: In more ways than one, the digital revolution changed wedding photography.

Some of the changes were, arguably, positive ones.

Digital technology drove down the cost of high-quality cameras and made photo editing easy.

Thereby making it easier for amateur or just-starting-out professional photographers to break into the wedding photography marketplace.

This broadening of the market also brought benefits to the bride and groom, who now have a wider range of affordable options when it comes to wedding photography.

Unfortunately, though, not all of the changes that wedding photography has undergone in the past two decades or so have been positive.

One of the saddest facts of wedding photography in the digital age is that many couples—some 75%, in fact—never receive any physical prints of the pictures from their big day. Instead, couples often just receive CDs or flash drives filled with the photo reels from their weddings.

This system makes it easy to load your wedding photos onto your computer for easy browsing or to upload them onto social media for all to see.

However, the absence of some physical product means that the photos themselves can’t be displayed in your home for visitors to see. In short, wedding photos just don’t feel like keepsakes as they once did. Try our Mounted Photo and fine art prints.

Introducing Imagebank Australia Mounted Photo

If you received a full digital photo reel of your wedding pictures and want to translate them into physical prints, Imagebank Australia can help. We specialise in the acrylic mounted photo. Thin, high-gloss acrylic prints that are easy to mount on any wall.

Whether you choose to immortalise a candid moment from your wedding day—like the first kiss or the first dance—or a posed shot of your entire wedding party, an acrylic mount from Imagebank Australia will capture the colour, detail and beauty of the moment.

Ordering acrylic mounted prints from Imagebank Australia is also an incredibly easy process.

Just click here to go to our order page for mounted prints. There, you can customise the size of your print, upload your favourite wedding photo and finalise payment for your print.

Our max-width for each print is 106 centimetres and our max length for each print is 300 centimetres.

Just enter your preferred measurements into the appropriate field boxes and we will instantly calculate the price of your print.

Then, once you’ve placed your order, we will print your acrylic mount and send it your way.

The process is so simple and quick that you’ll be amazed you waited this long to order acrylic mounted prints of your favourite wedding moments.

Start Preserving and Displaying Your Memories Today: Order a Mounted Print

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You should be able to cherish it and remember it every day, and displaying your wedding photos in the office, bedroom or living room can help you do just that.

So start preserving and displaying your memories today, by ordering acrylic mounted photos from Imagebank Australia!

You can call us on 1300UPLOAD if you have any questions about our products or shipping services.

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