Wall art tips on how to make them at home 


Acrylic Wall art – photography by one of our imagebank Australia clients 

Wall art and where to make the focus point of your room. 

Make a focal point in every room, but it doesn’t have to be on your wall art.

Whatever it is, the best place for a focal point is generally opposite the entrance of the room.

If you create an acrylic print as the focal point of your room, make sure it’s the star by allowing the other decor and furniture to play a secondary role.

If it comes secondary to say an ornate light fitting, it should blend in, style texture or colour wise.

Match or contrast wall art to features within your room

Acrylic prints don’t have to match your lounge or furniture, but your art will always look better when the furniture and decor support the piece.

Repeat a colour from the artwork elsewhere in the room to increase the impact.

Hang at the right height!

Position your artwork, so the centre of the piece is at eye level (about 152cm off the ground on average).

In a room with high ceilings, you may instinctively want to hang the art higher, but remember it should relate to human scale, not the scale of the room.

If you are hanging multiple pieces in a group or series, treat them as one large piece to find the centre point, and make sure that the centre is at eye level.

In a room where you’re always seated (such as an office), play around with an even lower height.

Natural light in your room will play a part in getting it right. 

Use light fixtures to enhance your acrylic print 30 degrees overhead angle light is best.

Natural light can play a part in what print medium is best in the room.

We print wall art to canvas, acrylic or fine art prints. All have different reactions to natural light and glare.

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