Perspex Art

Perspex Art


The printing world has, in general, come a long way in recent years.

In particular; with the emergence of Perspex Art or otherwise known as Acrylic Wall Mounts and Acrylic Blocks.

This modern print medium is a specialised craft used for signature fine art printing from digital images of photography.

This also includes multi-medium artworks, to clarify, we offer high-quality results in large or small scale commercial printing.

The Sleek and frameless finish pops with luminous colour and has incredible depth.

Not to mention, the transparency of the medium is utilised to full effect.

For Example, light interacts with the artwork, creating stunning shadow casting and three-dimensional depth.


Designers and architects, in particular, love the look of Perspex Art.

This printing technique fits, notably,into the modern minimalistic “wireless” design trends with its uncomplicated and streamlined finish. 

The hidden hanging rails allow, for example, artwork to appears as if it’s floating on the wall.

Acrylic Blocks create an artwork of dynamic dimension that adds another aspect to the artwork and can create a more of a sculptural feel to a flat image.

The use of lighting and clever placement on glass shelving, sideboards or desks will give the artwork a  stand-alone advantage in any collection or interior setting.


Weatherproof and ideal as outdoor art for outdoor rooms, a terrace, balcony or patio.

As with all printed or coloured materials, if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight or the elements over a period of years, fading or degradation may eventually occur.

We recommend Perspex Art is installed only in areas of partial shade, and where there is overhead cover preventing excessive exposure to sun or rain.

Mould resistant and weatherproof Perspex Art are suitable for humid environments, whether spas, bathrooms or tropical climates, where canvases or traditional prints on paper would attract mould or warp. Used Commercially they also meet the stringent hygiene requirements of healthcare and hospitality environments.

An example of Perspex art at Perrin Clarke Photography

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