Melbourne wall art for your home

melbourne wall art

Melbourne wall art started in the late ’70s to early ’80s with the graffiti movement and hip hop culture.

Since then Melbourne has blossomed into the proud capital of wall art as quoted,

Melbourne is the proud capital of street painting with stencils. Its large, colonial-era walls and labyrinth of back alleys drip with graffiti that is more diverse and original than any other city in the world.

Banksy, 2006 [3]

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Melbourne every year to photograph Melbourne wall art. Imagebank Australia has printed and mounted acrylic wall art for nearly 2 decades.

During the 2000s, wall art artists have taken a more abstract and diverse approach to their work.

This approach is particularly seen in the work of such as Banksy (UK), ABOVE (USA), Fafi (France), D*FACE (UK), Logan Hicks, Revok (USA), Blek le Rat (France), Shepard Fairey (USA) and Invader (France) have contributed work to Melbourne’s streets, and local artists,

They often use acrylic paint to create large-scale abstract works on the walls of local coffee shops, eateries, bus stops, and the backstreets of Southbank, inner-city Melbourne.

Hosier Lane is Melbourne’s most famous laneway for street art.

Bring your favourite wall art to your home with Imagebank Australia’s Acrylic Prints.

Feeling a little funky, hang some street art in your apartment, home, garage, or man cave. Street art gives a home an edgy feel

Otherwise, why not check out Perrin Clarke Photography’s Australian landscape photography?

Perrin’s inspiring photography can brighten the darkest of walls of offices, homes, and workspaces.

Acrylic Prints are the best way to present photographic prints, reproduction artworks, or graphics on photo paper.

Firstly, the photo gets sandwiched between clear acrylic on the front of the print with a composite panel on the back.

Secondly, all prints come with hanging rails on the back for easy wall mounting.

Lastly, all prints are free-post Australia-wide.

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