Melbourne Picture Frames

Melbourne Picture Frames

Imagebank Australia delivers to Melbourne, picture frames designed to meet your every need.

Different from regular, heavy picture frames, acrylic frameless frames are lightweight and beautifully presented.

The main benefits of acrylic wall mounting are the durability, lightness and the protection of your artwork.

Mould resistant, our acrylic frameless frames are sandwich of materials.

The front, diamond polished acrylic, the middle is your artwork, then finished with a lightweight composite board.

No bulky framing hardware or strong metals to break or scratch your artwork and walls.

We add lightweight aluminium rails on the back of the acrylic frame along the entire length.

Our rails allow you to hang your picture with any wall hardware you choose.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of homes printing and hanging Melbourne picture frames.

Arrange your acrylic frames around your room for a professional look and to accentuate the rooms aesthetic and functionality.

Acrylic framing is a great way to personalise your walls and bring a new dynamic to any room.

Arrange your frames in a variety of different styles to suit your personality.

Our acrylic frames are custom made to your specifications.

Firstly, enter the dimensions of the print you desire, our easy-to-use system will calculate the cost automatically.

Secondly, simply upload your image after entering your dimensions and we’ll start the manufacturing process immediately.

Equally important, don’t forget, we ship Australia wide for free.

Order acrylic frames at Imagebank Australia now.

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