Ikea wall art why ours is better


Ikea wall art why ours is better: Reason one

Do you want your art collection to last a lifetime or more!

Wall art these days is available in all kinds of styles from original, limited edition prints, reproduction prints to poster prints.

Ikea prints are mass-produced reflecting their price, of course. Ikea prints have a recognisable universal style. 

So much as to say, Mexican home’s will have the same wall art as an Australian Homes from Ikea.

Kind of cool in some ways, however, it won’t tick your individuality box.

 Cost wise: Reason Two

Mass production and production material quality is worth a thought if you are planning to spend money on wall art.

Ikea has excellent prices, but you will most likely replace that wall art in a year or two due to materials and quality.

This will suit some wall art collectors.

It’s more affordable in the long run to create a wall art collection that will last the test of time.

Quality Ikea wall art why ours is better: Reason Three

Original artwork is worth more because an artist’s time is valuable; an artist’s story is relevant.

At Imagebank Australia, we are affordable, quality wall art print specialists. We offer services to create wall art from your photos or digital art.

We also offer a huge range of stock images if you’re a collector.

At imagebank Australia, art is not expensive because it is “good” art. And art is not cheap because it is “bad” art.”

We produce your wall art how you want it and that’s what you pay for.

Ikea wall art and why ours is better is that you will achieve originality and quality print finish using your photograph or digital artwork.

Take a look online at our wide range of print reproduction papers, as well as, acrylic and canvas prints to choose from.

 Free delivery to your door versus megastore shopping: Reason Four

At imagebank Australia, wall art comes ready to hang, not to mention, delivered nationwide to your door price included.

Another reason why Ikea wall art and why ours is better you will need to put your print and frame together hanging systems.

If you have assembled a piece of Ikea furniture with a partner, then you have probably argued with a partner about a piece of Ikea furniture.

Imagebank Australia wall art is arguable, in the long run, going to keep everyone happy with the easy to hang no-fuss instructions.

Need assistance to size your image or to cut through the technical side of photography or digital art printing?

Call 1300875623 to speak to one of our friendly team.

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