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Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Custom Acrylic Prints

  1. When you are doesn’t matter, so long as you feel relaxed and at home.
  2. Yes! Could you take me back to the roaring past?
  3. Time flows freely all around us. We just need to be mindful and ride the wave.
  4. Yes, I like to think about the future.
  5. No way, give me right here and right now with custom acrylic prints and modern, stylish home.

What’s your favourite colour palette?

  1. Soft blues.
  2. Bold blacks & golds.
  3. Natural, organic colours.
  4. Crisp whites.
  5. Warm hues.

What’s your ideal weekend activity?

  1. Relaxing at the beach, feeling the sand between my toes.
  2. Whatever it is, it has to be BIG. Why bother wasting a weekend with an activity you won’t remember years from now? Alternatively, shopping is also excellent.
  3. Spending some time getting back in touch with nature, and with myself.
  4. A sampling of new cafes.
  5. In the warmer months, basking in the sun. In the colder months, living in denial.

You’ve got one free hour to do whatever you like. What do you do?

  1. Kick back with a light-hearted book.
  2. Light a yummy candle and take a relaxing bath.
  3. Finally build that DIY home accent terrarium, painting, dream catcher,  you’ve meant to get around to.
  4. Try a little meditation to reach pure, internal minimalism.
  5. You can have dinner with any person, dead or alive.

Whom do you choose to sit down and eat dinner with?

  1. A beloved friend or family member I haven’t seen for a really long time.
  2. An inspirational celebrity or artist.
  3. A spiritual leader or someone whose words have changed my life philosophy for the better.
  4. A professional icon.
  5. No one. I appreciate solitude, and I think there’s value in taking some time to yourself now and then.

Where would you go on holiday if you could go anywhere?

  1. Anywhere I can chill out by the water.
  2. Somewhere exciting like New York, London, Paris, or Tokyo.
  3. Somewhere I can go to unplug and feel like I’m getting back in touch with nature.
  4. A unique location. Maybe Iceland to see the northern lights.
  5. Somewhere I can explore on my own and grab a few gorgeous shots on my camera.


To determine the trend that works best with your style, take a look at which number your most commonly selected as your answer.

Mostly 1s:

You’ll thrive in a coastal interior style. It would help if you kept an eye out for natural tones and blue accents.

Consider nautical wall art in your style. Try to opt for a minimalist look as well, with an uncluttered colour palette and uncluttered furnishing.

Use your favourite seascape image to make a custom acrylic print.  Make the most of the natural lighting you have, it is invaluable in all homes, but especially coastal styles.


Custom Acrylic Prints 1


Mostly 2s:

You’re all about the deco luxe look. Retro glamour comes to life for your style.

Look towards metallic accents and seek out plush comfort whenever you can.

Think big dark colour walls and large landscapes as you style your home if you opt for the deco luxe look.

It’s bringing an air of luxury space, into your home, making you feel like a hero (or villain) of a classic novel.

Acrylic Photos

Mostly 3s:

Bohemian is on-trend and suits many budgets.  It would help if you looked towards boho interior aesthetics as for your style.

Meaning a lot of natural colours for your home basics and rugged finishes. Accents like woven rugs and light shades are perfect.

Once you’ve built your space, full of natural-toned furnishings, seek out a bold colour for your accents.

That’s right, bright purples, lime green, golds, reds, and more all work here.

The Bohemian interior is defined by an eclectic aesthetic, so take that to heart and let your inner interior stylist run free.

Custom acrylic prints with images of wild landscapes and lots of pot plants.

Prints on Glass

Mostly 4s:

It’s time to pump the ABBA because your style is oh so Scandi! Light greys and oaks paired with tapered legs are right up your alley.

Keep things minimalist with custom acrylic prints framed or unframed. Never sacrifice the comfortable sensation we know any Scandi home needs.

This might seem counter-intuitive at first. 

Finding the perfect middle point between overindulgence and sleek minimalism isn’t always easy for Scandi lovers.

If you get it right, it can be a look you’ll want to keep around forever.

Fine Art Printing

Mostly 5s:

Not to say that you’re a little prickly, but your style is a pure desert sanctuary. Yellow golds, warm pinks and oranges, and natural wood colours are ready to take root.

Think of a Central America-inspired style. Natural materials like leather are also a good look in this style.

Focus on dynamic shapes that seem to flow effortlessly from one point to the next. Large scale wildflower fields custom Acrylic prints.

Quickly done with cushions, throws, and other soft home accents that you can move around if you’re not 100% sold on the look.

Then let in all the natural light you can and relax in your own interior oasis.

Custom Acrylic Print

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