Buy photo frames Australia

Buy photo frames Australia


Student photographers and hobby photographers will advance fast by leaning and understanding a plethora of photography terms.

Advanced photographers and professionals have mastered their art by knowing the keywords that have genuinely benefited their understanding of the art of photography. We have found a list of terms to study up on and turn any amateur photographer into a pro in no time so that you will soon buy photo frames Australia.

Ambient Light describes, the ‘light in the scene’ or referred to as ‘natural light’. Different from Light by flash or photography flood Lights.

Aperture is the adjustment of the camera lens, thus allowing as much or as little Light into the lens. The wider the aperture setting is, the shallower the depth of field in the image captured.


Artificial Light is everything or anything that is not considered to be naturally lit. Artificial Light is created by using flashes, studio lighting, ceiling lights, street lamps. You can be very creative with artificial Lighting if you intend to buy photo frames in Australia.

Auto-Focus refers to the camera automatically finding the focus of the shot for you. This is straightforward to do and an excellent technique for beginners. All you do is press the ‘take button’ half down and allow the camera lens to find focus automatically, then follow through to take the photo.

Depth of Field is the space behind and in front of the focus subject that you want to appear sharp. When taking a portrait photo, generally, a shallow depth of field is ideal whereas landscapes tend to be more significant to capture the entire scene. If you intend to buy photo frames, Australia,  learns this feature.

The diffuser is a semi-opaque piece of plastic that sits at the top of a flashgun. It’s used to soften the light from the flashgun and reduce harsh shadows.


Exposure is the amount of light that enters or hits a camera’s centre. Photos that appear overly ‘white’ is most likely due to high exposure.

F/Stop is the lens’ diameter opening relative to the focal length. A smaller f/stop value (f/2.8) the more open the aperture for more Light into the camera. In contrast, a large f/stop (f/16) lets in a small amount of Light with closed aperture and broader depth of field.

The framing function you are probably thinking of ‘framing’ in the traditional sense, like framing a photo or picture. This term, however, refers to framing or aligning the subject within the confines of the edges of the image and essential when it come to you prints & if you intend to buy photo frames Australia.

Get the terms right,  then buy your photo frames Australia with Imagebank Australia

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