Bathroom and Kitchen Acrylic Art ideas for your home


Choosing bathroom and kitchen acrylic art can be tricky. So we got some tips to help with your options.

Firstly, you’ll need the art to be splashproof. Our acrylic prints are perfect choices.

Choosing Kitchen Acrylic Art

Kitchen art is often overlooked despite being the heart of the home.

So whether you own a vintage-styled farmhouse or contemporary styled kitchen, add finishing touches to your design with colourful kitchen wall art that embraces all things food.

Decorate your kitchen with images of food, recipes, quirky quantity charts or illustrated cuts of meat or fish.

If you’re stuck for ideas, browse the web.

There are thousands of ideas out there.


Update your kitchen with inspiring quotes, adding kitchen guides or herb and spice photography.

Make your kitchen everyone’s new favourite room with kitchen acrylic art!

Perrin Clarke Photography has some beautiful food photography to spice up your kitchen. Mix and match styles for bathroom and kitchen acrylic art.

Bathroom Acrylic Art

Every room in your house should be beautifully decorated, including the bathroom.

Create a focal point by hanging photography over the bathtub, towel racks or toilet area. Here are a few tips to get decorating:

  • Want your bathtub to be the centre of attention? Hang a large photo above it.
  • Choose a relaxing print that will help you unwind when soaking.
  • Ensure to leave enough wall space between your artwork and tub to avoid any damage from splashing water.
  • Display one large piece or a blend of pictures that are at least 2/3 or equivalent to the towel bar’s width.
  • Centre your artwork with the towel bar.
  • Placement is important. Please don’t hang your art too close to the bar. It might get damaged every time you reach for a towel, but don’t hang it so high that it’s floating on the wall.

Perrin Clarke Photography has dozens of landscape photography that would fit beautifully into any bathroom.

Perrin’s landscapes are breathtaking, including beach scenery, rainforest rivers, piers and salt baths. All perfect for bathroom and kitchen acrylic art.

Your sure to find something that makes your bathroom time even more relaxing than usual.

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