Art on glass


Art on the glass; and it’s light-capturing properties.

Acrylic glass prints are a great alternative to the usual canvas if what you’re looking for is more vibrant and eye-catching wall art.

It’s also the preferred medium if you’re printing photos as frameless acrylic prints.

It has light capturing properties that will enhance the vibrancy and luminosity of the print.

Acrylic boasts natural resistance to moisture damage, knocks and hits, and even UV light exposure. That said, it still requires care and maintenance!

Acrylic art on glass prints is a functional and smart alternative to other printing options.

Eye-catching, not to mention, the vibrant colours is the first thing you will notice.

These prints have a natural resistance to knocks and hits, moisture and bug damage.

That said, you will still need to clean and maintain your acrylic print so that your art looks like art on glass.

Acrylic prints maintenance.

Dust and Wipe; acrylic prints look precisely like “art on glass”.

General cleaning and maintenance are essential for any artwork. Acrylic prints require special treatment, to keep their crystal clear finish.

It would be best if you used soft cotton cloths to clean.  

Use a cloth that is similar to what you would use on your tv or computer screen is perfect.

Use a soft dry cloth or lint-free cotton fabric, to, remove dust from the surface.

For smudges you cannot remove, use a damp cloth for streaks and stains you can’t remove with a gentle wipe.

Feather and synthetic dusters will work just as well for general cleaning.

Keep your Gloves on when moving your “art on glass” around.

Avoid fingerprints when moving your art on glass acrylics around. 

Gloves are a great idea, not to mention, time-saving as you will not need to clean again after hanging.

Gloved hands also safeguard from accidental scratching and smudging your wall art.

Consider the Location

Resilient to environmental factors such as tropical moisture and UV light, any artwork will deteriorate and fade eventually. 

Damp or moist areas like bathrooms and undercover outdoor areas are fine, as long as, you don’t allow your art on the glass to get waterlogged or soaked.

While the art on glass acrylics is resilient, it still requires general cleaning and care to preserve its beauty. 

By keeping these care and maintenance tips in mind, you ensure that your acrylic glass prints stay perfect for a long time.

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