Acrylic Mounted Wall Prints

Acrylic Mounted Wall Prints


There is nothing like arriving home and having your family pet greet you at them with those big adoring happy face & eyes. The joy a family pet brings to families is irreplaceable, and as a result, they become part of the family. The latest trend is to bring your pet to a family photoshoot or even book them in for their very own photoshoot. Elevate your Pet Photography into an art form with our acrylic mounted wall prints.


Please make the most of your photoshoot; below we have found some tips from the professionals to help your photographer get your pets best side.

Hygiene & Grooming – Wash trim and clip.

Energy Matters – Consider the type of pose or shot you want. Make sure your kitty is calm & well-rested. Take your dog for a short walk before if you want an energetic shot. Don’t feed your pet a big meal before the shoot as it will make them sleepy.

Basic Commands – It helps to practice commands before your shoot day.

Pack A Bag – Photoshoot requires a full bag of pet goodies that includes your food, treats, litter or piddle pads if you’ll be indoors and toys that you’ll need while having your pet photography session.

Be Present – Pets are more comfortable and do their best work when they’re with someone they trust. It’s for this reason that a loved one will make the best pet photography assistant.

Imagebank Australia offers printing options like floating Acrylic mounted wall prints,

Having great photos of your pet, you can share online is excellent, but when it comes to immortalizing the images, only go with high-quality printers. Together with fine art prints and enlargements. The Blocks as a display option are well suited to pet Photography. Whether you are using a  professional photographer or personal pictures taken with your smartphones or digital cameras, Acrylic mounted wall prints are an excellent choice for pet photography. Contact us at image bank Australia for all your Acrylic Mounted Wall Prints needs.

If you would like to talk to one of our print professionals about Acrylic Mounted Wall Prints or anything else please Contact Us.

An example of Photography Prints at Perrin Clarke Photography

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