Acrylic collage special

acrylic collage

Choose an acrylic printed photo collage for the latest style – made with light, durable plexiglass that protects and enhances the printed image.

Order a 10×8 inch acrylic wall mount valued at $85 for only $44.95, including GST and shipping.

To demonstrate, six acrylic collage prints will only cost you $359. Decorate your home, office, or workplace today.

Get artistic with your walls, or keep your acrylic photo collage stylishly simple with classic colour or timeless black and white prints.

Acrylic Collage Print Layouts

Clean, elegant, and sincere, an ordinary picture collage is ideal for collecting images that speak for themselves.

Having classic layouts, each photo in your collection gets equal time and respect, enabling observers to take it all in with just a glance—an exceptional choice for any group.

Perfect for several photos linked by a notable – or not-so-obvious – topic. A themed photo collage brings your pictures together with fun embellishments that emphasise and honour your theme, using composition, text, and other outstanding design elements.

Showcase your artistic mind by creating your very own acrylic collage with us!  

Collage designs

The traditional photomontage design is always a wise choice. The classic acrylic collage design focuses on your photos and gives each picture equal time and equal attention. Ideal for any theme, occasion, or other models, no matter how subtly or linked.

Photos linked by a theme have suggestive energy all their own. A themed collage design takes it one step further, allowing you to engage with that idea in fun ways – both obvious and subtle – include extras like text or stock images.

Our 10″ x 8″ acrylic photo prints are an excellent solution for long-lasting, eye-catching photo collages.

Try our Introductory offer to acrylic wall mounts at almost ½ price, printed on Illfords stunning smooth gloss resin-coated paper.

Lastly, we “tile” your images to meet your needs

Remember, you can contact us, we’re to help.

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