Why would you select acrylic metal prints?


Why would you select acrylic metal prints?

We stock 160 gsm Ilford Metallic Photo Paper. This beautiful paper has a unique silvery sheen. The finish is shimmery, and there is an extra pop to the image.

Use this photo paper to create acrylic metal prints. The difference is significate when creating a specific look or feels to your photography or artwork.

What kind of images looks good on Metallic Paper?

This paper is a stand out for oceanic photography; additionally, some landscapes and big sky images. Macro and botanical can produce a lush softness to your pictures.

Minimal Colour palette images are a standout. The light appears to absorbs into the picture and will pick up the subtle shades.

The artist who uses this paper is looking for extra pop and shimmer to their work.

Ethereal, as well as a sort of a grey-silver sheen, offers an extra dimension.

It’s worth experimenting with this paper when you are next thinking of creating acrylic metal prints.

Is it true that acrylic metal Print absorbs light?

Acrylic Metallic prints are mind-bending gorgeous for colour and depth vibrant images. Acrylic Metallic Prints appear to absorb light instead of reflecting light like a gloss paper acrylic print would.

We recommend placing your acrylic metal prints where there is light via 30-degree angle from above or near a natural light source.

The 3D effect, pearl surface and beautifully saturated colours are standard with acrylic prints.

Acrylic metal prints take on another extra shimmery luminosity.

What’s the difference between Metalic paper and Gloss paper for acrylic prints.

Comparing the two photo papers, we could go on for days! The best results when looking into acrylic prints we find is using either the Gloss Paper or the Metallic.

Often, the metallic paper is preferred for colour images since it seems to add depth to the colours printed on it.

Exhibiting artists and photographers love this paper, and we recommend you try it out when next printing acrylics.

Are you looking for a printer or ready to turn your photographs or artworks into Acrylic metal or glossy prints?

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