Printing Acrylic Sydney & Melbourne

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Printing Acrylic Sydney & Melbourne

Printing Acrylic Sydney & Melbourne is easy with imagebank Australia.  

If you love photography, you know there’s more to it than creating the perfect composition.

Whether you’re a professional photographer in need of quality printing solutions for your shots or similarly, a smartphone camera. 

It’s helpful to understand the different printing options that are available.  Such as canvas and acrylic printing.

CANVAS: Created by printing an image onto a canvas and then stretching the canvas over a frame.

ACRYLIC PRINT:  Fine art Gloss print mounted acrylic polished to achieve its 3D Luminousiosity, as well as, stunning colour clarity.   

Created in custom sizes for truly individual, personalised prints.

Acrylic prints, on the other hand, involve printing onto photographic paper, which is then sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic.

The back acrylic sheet may be transparent, white, or black to suit the style of the image and the preference of the customer.

The Different Appearances of Canvas and Acrylic Printing Sydney or Melbourne

When deciding between canvas and acrylic printing services, it’s a good idea to consider the aesthetic you’re aiming for with your final product. Printing on acrylic produces sharp, vibrant images.

Acrylic printing in Melbourne and Sydney is becoming increasingly popular for its modern look and feel. Canvas printing, on the other hand, tends to produce a textured finish for a more authentic, old-school appearance.

Canvas prints are often used in home décor while acrylic prints are frequently found in office environments – but either can work in any space, depending on the theme of the existing décor.

Other Considerations Printing Acrylic Sydney & Melbourne

When it comes to colour vibrancy, acrylic prints have the edge over a canvas.

This is because no light passes through an acrylic print, and the result is rich, deep colours that maintain their vibrancy. In canvas printing, some detailing can be lost because more colour must be added to achieve optimal ink coverage.

Regarding durability, each option comes with its own protective benefits. Printing on acrylic results in shatter-resistant images with UV protection and, in some cases, scratch protection. Canvas prints also offer UV protection and are easy to clean, but acrylic printing does offer the best option where longevity is concerned.

Trust Imagebank Australia with Your Canvas and Acrylic Prints

Whether you decide that canvas or acrylic prints are the right choice for the space you want to decorate, you can find custom work completed by experienced professionals at Imagebank Australia. We use only genuine Epson inks and printers and quality Epson and Ilford papers for perfect prints our customers love. Our knowledgeable industry professionals create gallery standard work to your exact specifications – whether you want to decorate your home or workspace with it or offer it for resale.

Are you ready to see your digital photos come to life with beautiful canvas or acrylic prints? Give us a call on 1300 UPLOAD to find out more about ordering your custom prints today.

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