Perspex Photo Art

Perspex Photo Art


Thinking of creating a photographic or visual art exhibition?

It’s daunting, and the to-do list is extensive.  Having curated, printed and worked with artists and galleries over the years.  We can suggest and recommend a few helpful tips for your inaugural show. Perspex Photo Art.


1.  Plan your exhibition, it always pays to have your major idea connected directly to the central concept.

It is beneficial to both explore or ponder relevant and strategic questions. 

The atmosphere you are trying to create. Is there a community or social message or declaration involved in your exhibition? If you are having a solo show, have you got enough work to pull this off?.  Group exhibitions are fun and less pressure. 

This may require many meetings in the planning. 

Ask these questions and plan out your goals as a group. Selecting the print medium to use for the type of work and exhibition theme can be confusing. Talk to your printer on the differences between Perspex Photo Art or traditional prints or fine art canvas prints.

2. Selecting a location can be tricky. 

The venue does not need to be flamboyant unless that works best for your exhibition collection. Small rooms like a cafe, local hall or Sunday markets are great if you are on a budget. Call the local real estate agent and inquire about empty shops. This is often the best as the lighting is already installed and look for high ceilings in the space. They may offer a cheap rate for a week or two.  Local councils usually have arts programmes support, and it’s well worth contacting their arts-co-ordinator or curator to see if they can help or apply for a grant.

3. Pick a date and time

Weekends are generally the best time to open an exhibition. Friday night is one of the best opening nights, most exhibition attendees are happy pop into an exciting exhibition opening on a Friday night. Either to make a night of it after a long weeks work or on the way home from work.

Offer refreshments, this adds a buzz, and this will go a long way to get your guests to linger and hopefully, fall in love with your Perspex Photo Art collection and which may lead to sales.

4. Select what to show

Curating the collection entails not just choosing the pieces that you like, but even those who work well together, such as a universal story.

The seasonal theme, or social or environmental messages. This can be challenging when you have created the works, ask a friend or fellow artist to help you with the selection.

This person will not be emotionally invested with the creation of your works and will find it easier to assist and advise you in the choices to be made.

5. Printing & Presenting your photography  

Most visual art exhibitions showcasing photography are traditionally printed and framed. Add impact with Perspex Photo Art and acrylic blocks. Seek out advice from a master printer and order your prints well in advance. Most printers will offer a test print pre-final print.   have 30 years experience in the industry and ship nationally price included.

6.  Invite guests

The purpose to hold an exhibition area to have people attend and see your work. Make an invitation list of anyone, and everyone you know and would or even might like to come. Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances also,  can reasonably be included. A Facebook event page is not too challenging to publish, and the same can be done with other online media in the lead up to build expectation. Don’t forget to thank sponsors or grant bodies that may have helped you. And while you’re at it, 4A advertising pamphlets stuck to the inside of the local shops’ windows, may also help.

7.  Make a catalogue: 

This isn’t an absolute must, especially if your exhibition has multiple works, cataloguing it will add professionalism to your public display. A description of the art, the media used to create it, the size, the composition history, creation date and the number produced, if not an original,  your name and contact details, are all useful information.  Knowledgeable exhibition visitors do like catalogues and often use them to make notes and hopefully follow up with a purchase or commission.

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An example of Perspex Photo Art at Perrin Clarke Photography

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