Images and Doorways

We have all heard the saying ” A picture is worth a thousand words’
A thousand words can be very powerful ….
Winston Churchill “We Shall Fight On the Beaches”
Mahatma Gandhi “Quit India “
Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream”
My point is words are powerful and words conjure equally powerful images in our minds , hence the saying “A picture (image)is worth a thousand words .
Images or pictures open doorways to feelings of  sentiment , love , happiness  , they can make us stop and ponder , smile or laugh , they can change the mood we are in simply by opening a doorway to another time .
What mood are the images hanging on you walls at home or work creating in your life ?
Open the doorway to you wedding , family, friends , holiday destinations ………simply by hanging images that create the mood your looking for …..Its a great environment to live in !