Ice Mount Displays

Ice Mount by Imagebank Australia

Ice Mount displays from Imagebank Australia

Years ago, the convenience of being able to edit images without having to use a darkroom was a dream.

Now anyone can take digital photos with their phone or camera. With a  proper printer, hardware and computer software, print their own photos.

The challenge comes with having to spend money on printer paper.  Not to mention, making sure you have the appropriate hardware and software.

Now you don’t have to use a professional photography darkroom to create displays for your work.

One popular way is with the acrylic Ice Mount. we specialise in converting your digital artwork into amazing original acrylic prints.

Including, canvas prints and acrylic blocks using mounts such as the popular Ice mount.

When you’re looking for a modern design, why not try a sleek, fashionable design such as an ice mount to display your favourite images.

The ice mount has a unique 3-dimensional appeal that is ideal for hard surfaces such as fireplace mantels or desktops.

This design adds a contemporary touch to any room and adds life to your photos using colours that suit your taste.

With over 30 years of industry experience to include framing, printing and photography, it’s no wonder some of the most talented artists, photographers and galleries in Australia trust us with their work.

You can feel confident knowing you’re dealing with expertise and a genuine love of photography. We are here to help you create the stunning ice mount of your dreams.

Our products are  Australian made, and we use the finest materials to enhance production such as genuine Epson inks and printers.

Our lead time is within two weeks so you can have your Ice Mount quickly. Call or email through our contact page on our website – with our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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