Ice mount Photos

Ice mount Photos


Ice mount photos, a print medium that projects luminous colour clarity.  Calibrate your display to get it looking just the way you like it, and it pays to calibrate to professional print standards to achieve accurate results. Proper calibration will ensure that your colours and black levels are true, and that your monitor is producing the best results for editing and viewing images and videos. Plus, it will be easier on your eyes. You could take your monitor to a professional to have it done, but doing it yourself is relatively quick, hassle-free, and will significantly improve image quality. Colour calibrate your monitor to professional print settings so that your print images are produced to your expectation. If your monitor is not calibrated correctly, your Ice mount photos may not be colour correct, especially in the blacks.


You’re going to want to do several things before you begin the calibration process. These steps aren’t absolutely mandatory, but they’re good to follow for best results. Turn on your monitor at least a half hour before calibration so it can warm up to its normal operating temperature and conditions. Set your monitor’s resolution to its native, default screen resolution. Make sure you’re calibrating in a room with moderate ambient lighting. The room doesn’t need to be pitch black, but you don’t want the sharp glares and colour casts resulting from direct light. Familiarise yourself with your monitor’s display controls. They may be located on the monitor itself, on the keyboard, or within the operating system control panel.


There are a handful of web-based calibration tools that help you manually adjust your monitor settings. They can provide more precise, or more customized, calibration than the built-in utilities. Go to  Download the Ilford Colour Profiles, you will find a list that is specific for each of our listed paper range. Ice mount photos pop with colour clarity more than any other print medium. Make sure you monitor correctly calibrated to achieve excellent results. 

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An example of Ice mount Photos at Perrin Clarke Photography

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