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Create impact and update your photo collection, not to mention, home decor with these stunning acrylic photo blocks.

Acrylic blocks are free-standing and weighty, additionally, they make ideal gifts for loved ones or a fun treat for yourself.

The crystal clear, diamond polished finish of each block creates a markedly distinct and stylish art piece.

Your photos are printed with fine art Ilford photo papers and adhered to 3cm or 4cm acrylic thus resulting in high definition and a unique 3D appearance.

Positioning your photo block on glass shelves, desks or bedside tables, in general, will make them stand out in a contemporary way.

Careful placement of light, in detail, will create even more luminosity about them and give the piece more of an artwork appearance.


Acrylic photo blocks are, important to realize, ideal for photos of your family.

Not to Mention, baby photos, weddings, travel adventure, trophies, corporate awards and testamurs.

They also can also work for commercial purposes and make an eye-catching business point of sale counter display or a fresh way for boutiques and designers to showcase their business.

For professional photographers, a point often overlooked, they offer a unique way to present their images to clients.

For artists, the photo block can add another income stream for reproduction art sales.

Digital photos can be uploaded from SLR cameras, smartphone camera technology is so advance that images from smartphones work perfectly for your photo block.


Acrylic photo blocks are unique great gifts, perfect for rewards and make great collectables.

Being acrylic products, it is essential to take care when cleaning face-mounted images, for instance, use a soft microfibre cloth.

Products designed to clean acrylics are available and are ideal for cleaning, polishing and reducing the static properties of the acrylic photo block surface. If you have any queries please contact us.

An example of Acrylic Picture Mounting at Perrin Clarke Photography

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