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Quality, Character, Integrity and Pride

Acrylic Mounts: In the industrial revolution, most industries have had a common goal, how to make things faster and cheaper.

Not only manufacturing, but this mentality has also plagued banking and finance, service and retail industries to name a few.

With communication and travel opening up world trade for cheaper labour costs the marketplace in any industry is more cutthroat than ever before.

In our modern-day of consumerism and the “throw-away society,” we have to reflect on how this has affected our values towards Quality, character, integrity and pride.

Coming from the print industry, for example, I can give you a brief insight into the destruction of cheap canvas prints.

The consumer’s perception of this product when they have bought an inferior print. Many people have purchased a canvas print based on “the best price”.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost, some of these inks cracking and fading in as short a time as one year.

Balser wood frames which are soft and fall apart and warp after time or a slight knock.

The end conclusion for these people is of disappointment, it leaves a sour taste in their mouth and brands an industry adversely.

Acrylic Mounts don’t have some of these problems but the same could be said in materials used.

On the flip side, there are trades and crafts that have PRIDE in their work.

There is a CHARACTER in the way their business runs which leaves you feeling that you are being looked after.

Once you receive the product, for example, Acrylic mounts you see and feel the QUALITY. Consequently, you are left with a sense of satisfaction or not.

All of these positive effects strengthen INTEGRITY within the industry and flows through to the consumer.

In a world that is becoming more conscious of “sustainability ” faster and cheaper is not cutting the grade.

Quality, character, integrity and pride come with people and industries that CARE about their craft.

At Imagebank Australia we make quality acrylic mounts and canvas prints.