Acrylic Block Photo Frames

Icemount Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic Block Photo Frames: Why is it that buying a birthday, holiday or anniversary gifts is so difficult.

For one reason or another, shopping for the people closest to you is often the biggest challenge.

In particular, finding gifts with meaningful or sentimental value is tough, especially in the ephemeral world we live in today.

Luckily, at Imagebank Australia, we have the perfect gift idea for any loved one: acrylic block frames. Acrylic photo blocks—also often referred to as ‘ice mounts’—are more or less exactly what they sound like. We print your chosen photo or artwork onto a unique three-dimensional block.

The basic idea is that the block will serve as both the photo and the frame.

This combination saves you the step of having to frame the photo, as you would need to do with a more traditional picture print.

The photo block can stand up on its own, making it easy to place anywhere—from mantles to desktops.

The Advantages of an Acrylic Block Photo

So what makes an acrylic photo block such an ideal gift for a parent, grandparent or significant other?

The first reason is that ice mounts, like other types of photos, capture a memory and make it easy to put that memory on display.

One of the saddest facets of living in a digital world is that fewer people are decorating their homes or offices with physical photographs or art

Giving the gift of a meaningful photo decoration, then, can be a more poignant gesture than you might immediately realise.

Acrylic photo blocks solve this conundrum by lending a modern contemporary feel of the gift. Images printed as acrylic blocks have depth, dimension and life that you don’t necessarily get from a traditional photo-and-frame combination.

At Imageblock Australia, we pride ourselves on printing acrylic block frames that don’t just do justice to the quality and detail of a photograph, but that also bring out new depths of colour and definition in the photo.

Quite simply, looking at a picture on an acrylic block photo offers a unique perspective on the photo that you can’t get with a traditional two-dimensional photograph and that you certainly won’t enjoy on a digital phone or computer screen.

Learn More about Ice Mounts and Acrylic Photo Blocks from Imageblock Australia

Are you interested in learning more about ice mounts and acrylic photo blocks?

Visit Imageblank Australia’s official acrylic block page to read more about the materials.  Sizes and specs we have to offer for this unique type of photographic printing.

If and when you are ready to order an acrylic block photo, you can also do so starting on that page.

Next time you’re stuck and can’t think of a gift for a loved one. Don’t just buy something random at the nearest novelty store. Instead, give the gift of memories, with a modern twist on the traditional framed photo!

Trust us: your friend, family member or significant other will appreciate everything about the gift.

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