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Diabond also referred to as ACP – Aluminium Composite Panel


Diabond is an aluminium faced composite sheet with a 3mm PVC core.

It won’t crack or bend, has a completely flat and consistent thickness.

It has a clean mounting surface of an aluminium sheet but at a more affordable price, and has the added advantage of being lighter in weight.

Aluminium is a quick and easy way to ensure a slick modern finish to your mounted acrylic prints. Our standard 3mm thick sheet can barely be seen in profile once your work is hanging.

The overall effect is quite stunning as superbly flat prints appear to float from the wall.

We highly recommend Diabond backing for wall-mounts as they look especially stunning when displaying brighter coloured images, especially when given an acrylic seal.

We personally think Acrylic Prints printed on Diabond look most striking without a frame.



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