Acrylic Wall Prints

Acrylic wall art


Photography or digital media art printed on acrylic interacts beautifully with light, additionally, often appears weightless.

At Imagebank Australia studios we print on Ilford prestige smooth gloss papers, with this intention, of reproducing Acrylic wall Prints.

As well as, Epson ink adhesion, delivering images of unsurpassed detail and resolution. Our method of printing adds unmatched colour contrast, not to mention, clarity.

We offer an array of thickness and mounting options so as to fit every décor and budget.

The rich colour density of our prints is, above all, crystal clear and akin to a high-definition TV.

The high polished edges, not to mention, invisible hanging rails give acrylic wall prints a floating appearance.


Acrylic wall art is a favourite with interior decorators and architects, with this in mind, for its contemporary look.

Acrylic wall mounts can be made in custom sizes to fit perfectly in the hope that they fit perfectly into the desired space.

Large scale acrylic wall mounts are, in this case, perfect for foyers and large commercial spaces.

Eye-catching, in particular, an ideal medium for creative branding projects.

At Imagebank Australia we have a huge collection of stock images or,for example, you can use your own images to create acrylic wall prints.

Imagebank Australia offers expert advice on large projects or interior fit-outs.


Everyone is born creative.

Children are living proof of this. Many people lose their creativity as they get older, but there’s no reason why you can’t get back into the creative spirit and see if you’ve still got it.

Acrylic wall mounts are created from digital image files and can be created from a smartphone, you do not have to be a professional photographer or digital media artist.

Whether you are a professional photographer, designer or smartphone photographer, Imagebank Australia has made acrylic wall prints available to all.

An example of Acrylic Picture Mounting at Perrin Clarke Photography

For any information on acrylic wall prints or any other queries please contact Imagebank Australia

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