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Hi, my name is Perrin Clarke, I am a professional photographer and founded Imagebank Australia in 2010. I have had a photographic gallery in Port Douglas since 2006. I studied a bachelor of the arts in photography at RMIT in the early 90s and have worked in various commercial studios and production houses since then.

I have been involved in the picture framing and printing industry since 2000. I supply my own gallery with print’s and frames.

I first saw acrylic prints in 2004 and new I had to add this product to my gallery. It was not long after Imagebank Australia was founded, and since then we have been producing acrylic canvas and photographic prints for many of Australia’s leading photographers studios and galleries.

I have great knowledge of all aspects of photography and printing, having my own gallery I know how important quality, colour and service is. We stand by our work at Imagebank Australia and all products are guaranteed.

If you have any questions regarding our services, including paper types, colour profiles, digital file types or any of the quality materials used in our process please feel free to call me directly on 0412 3295 568

Regards, Perrin Clark